United for our kids

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Empower endeavored to respond to the Coronavirus pandemic by raising money to buy food and sanitary supplies for orphans in Yaounde, Cameroon. We thank you for helping us achieve this goal.

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     In the last couple of weeks, the world has been hit with crisis after crisis. The resulting narrative permeating across nations has been full of suffering or animosity. We, at Chretien en Herbe and Empower Cameroon, sought to create good in dark times and help those living through even worse situations than those we could see. There is always someone whose suffering goes beyond your own. Staying mentally and emotionally centered in times like these necessitates taking a step back from yourself, finding them, and alleviating their pain. Raising money to provide for these orphans was part of that journey for us and we know for you also.


     It took courage to invest financially in the life of someone else while facing financial uncertainty yourself. It takes courage to give a stranger your hard-earned money. It takes courage to believe in a cause geographically removed from you. We commend you for your courage which inspires us to be even more courageous as we continue to work for these children in the future. Once again we say thank you for making United For our Kid such a success.


     We wished to raise $7600 and you gave us $9200. The initial goal itself was daring and unbelievable but you brought to light the goodness that shines within the hearts of courageous people. Thank you for reminding these children that they are not alone and some days of the year can be miraculous too. Thank you for showing them that although they have lost their parents, they are still a part of a larger community that cares about their well being. Thank you for your courage which responds to and inspires even further the courage burning bright within our own hearts. We promise, therefore, to continue fighting tirelessly for the wellbeing of these orphans whose hope we have been able to ignite.



Chretien en Herbe

Empower Cameroon

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"Chrétiens en herbe" is a Religious (Christian) Organization supporting the "United for our Kids" project.


Here is the amount raised during the campaign