St. Augustine

Mahandan 1 Yaounde, Cameroon

For our first project Empower has partnered with the St. Augustine orphanage in Yaounde to support the important work they do with funds that will be used to sponsor the education the children that reside there. It houses a total of 28 children, six of whom have been out of school for financial reasons. 
Your donations can a have transformative effect. Hand in hand we can transform the lives of these children and many more.


Founder and primary caretaker

“I have a friend in France who founded a bigger St Augustine orphanage some time ago. I also saw the need in my community and decided that I had to take action. So many children need homes. So many children are in need of proper care.
I try to train them as much as possible and prepare them for life.
I have three ponds and I raise bees to take care of these children.”