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Education for Everyone

Education is the basic building block of every society and one of the best investments countries can make to build a better, prosperous, and healthy society. It has even been recognized as a human right since 1948. Yet, so many children around the world don't have access to a good education.

With the many challenges we face in this age, it's of significant importance that we get as many people as possible working on solutions. No country can solve the problem of climate change on its own for example. For this problem, a global solution is needed with the participation of as many countries and smart, educated people as possible. But how do we get these people involved when many of them are not aware of the problem due to lack of education?

This is the reason why we at Empower are determined to give the opportunity to the most vulnerable children in Cameroon to a good education. We believe that by helping these children, we not only directly help our community but also indirectly contribute to the betterment of the world as a whole.

The amazing thing is that everyone can contribute something to make "education accessible for all". You can donate to help us reach this goal or you can start right where you are and figure out a way to make this a reality in your community. Either way, we are happy that you share our goal.

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