Who we are

    We believe in the concept of Ubuntu         

(I am because we are)

Ariella Joan Nnoke



Currently attending the University of North Texas and double majoring in Political Science and International Studies. My plan is to become an international lawyer. I started Empower because I believe in the inherent value of education and its life-changing abilities.  I also know that change starts from home and that each person has the potential to make an incredible difference in the lives of people.

~There is still much to do in the world. There are still many who need help.

Arielle Ayotte


I am currently attending university, studying to eventually become a doctor. During my premedical studies, I have found a passion for helping children especially - with their ability to dream and their life ahead of them. There are so many young people in Cameroon without the privilege of an education. Throughout my life, I have seen God provide for my family through the generosity of others. With Empower, I do not have to wait until I get my medical degree to make an effective difference in children’s lives. I am honored to take part in leading this mission, with the vision of helping other young people reach their dreams.

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Paule Flora Sale


I am an International Business major at The City University of New York: Staten Island. My parents both grew up with almost nothing and if not for the help of people that God put on their path they would not have been able to provide for the upbringing and education of my siblings and I. They reminded us of this often and taught me to give to others and be thankful for what I have. When we started Empower Cameroon I knew it would be the best way to support the youth in need so that they too can have access to the resources they need to succeed tomorrow. I am very proud to be part of the vision of Empower Cameroon.

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Stephen Nkwelle

IT Manager

I currently study computer engineering at the university of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Bavaria, Germany.  UNESCO holds that education is a fundamental human right and yet there are lots of children who don’t have the opportunity to get a good education. One of the main hurdles to getting one is the lack of financial support. I therefore believe that by providing financial aid to these less privileged children we are actually upholding their fundamental rights. For this reason I am proud to be a member of Empower Cameroon.

Jordan Emmanuel Nnoke

Project Manager

Grace Maeva Bitoungui

Volunteer Coordinator

I attend the University of North Texas and study Business Management. I am a member of the Empower team because many children in Cameroon and all across Africa do not have access to education yet these ones are the future of tomorrow.

I am a student at McMaster University and I'm studying integrated business and humanities. From the time I was younger, I have been passionate about making my country a better place for those who live there. Although I am still quite young, I believe that it is my responsibility to help my community in anyway I can. Through Empower I am able to give other people my age the opportunity to accomplish their dreams and have a better future.


Claire Coretta Elah

Outreach Coordinator

I am currently a student at the University of Toronto and I would like to be a medical doctor. I believe that education is important and should be available to all. Therefore, helping change someone’s life circumstances for the better is a reward .