How to donate

For the second year in a row, Empower is raising money to provide scholarship funds for orphans in Yaounde, Cameroon. The money you donate will be used to cover their tuition, fees, textbooks, uniforms, and necessary school supplies. We believe in giving each child the opportunity to explore their potential to the fullest regardless of their background, gender, and family situation. 


Starting this fall, we are also giving our donors the opportunity to sponsor a child over time for the duration of their academic journey. The assurance of funding for this child will empower them. This program will also afford the benefactor more insight into the child’s journey and the life-changing effects of their generosity. 


Yearly tuition for a child in primary school currently stands at $163 or 94,000 francs CFA. For a secondary school student, a yearly donation of $338 or 195,250 francs CFA covers all of their academic expenses. You have the option of choosing your preferred time frame keeping in mind that a longer time span means being paired with a younger child. After filling out the survey via the sponsor link below you will be receiving more information via email.


We are beyond excited at the prospect of working with you and giving these children life-changing opportunities.

You can also support our partner, Petrichor's Peace Fund. More Information about that here

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Petrichor's Peace Fund

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