About Us

“We make a living by what we get, We make a life by what we give.”  -Winston Churchill

In an attempt to meet the needs of other young people who have been unfortunate in enduring the loss of their loved ones and providers, we have decided to raise money and create a scholarship fund for orphanages located in the city of Yaounde, Cameroon. Scholarships address the needs of the most marginalized social groups but are also transformative in that they become a tool for positive social change. Youths who lack access to primary and secondary education are at risk of being excluded from accessing well-paying jobs and opportunities for more advanced education. Our immediate goal is to send orphans to school. Looking at the bigger picture, we aim to create a better society for ourselves and the generations to come. 


We, the administrative team, have been blessed with access to various forms of education ourselves which are enabling us to change the world in our different fields. Therefore, we take this opportunity to give back to the community. We firmly believe that empowering others will in turn empower us. Our mission is to connect the needs of the marginalized members of society with the resources already available but not easily accessible. 

Empower always strives to connect the resources in the community with the need present and visible. Children cannot be expected to go to school if they are plagued by food insecurities. We receive food donations as well as other supplies such as books and sanitary essentials and distribute these to them.


For this purpose, all funds shall be collected with the utmost transparency and transferred directly to the schools with which Empower shall partner. Each step may be subject to scrutiny and all the money raised expressly for that purpose shall go to addressing tuition and fees expenses possibly including transportation, textbooks, and uniforms depending on the availability of the financial means.

Our team acknowledges the trust bestowed upon us by both our donors and sponsors as well as those who shall benefit from the financial aid. Thus, we conscientiously pledge our utmost efforts and tireless devotion to this project which, is our hope, will transform the lives of the recipients, benefactors, and yours truly.

Most Sincerely,

Ariella Joan Nnoke, President

Empower Cameroon